The AGENCIES & STARTUPS Package: $3000-$10k+/mth
> Artists Statement Management
> Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation
> Accounts Receivable & Payables Management
> Monthly Management Reporting (P&L, Cash Flow, Balance Sheets) 
> Payroll
> Quarterly tax Planning with CPA
> Business Insurance + Workers Compensation + Audits (Setup or Review for best practice) 

The AGENCIES & STARTUPS Package is an all-in-one support system designed to meet the complex needs of agencies (artist representation, advertising, design). Whether you are an emerging start-up or fully-established, this bundled package includes all of the key accounting, bookkeeping, billing and financial reporting features essential to your business operations.

Save yourself the overhead costs associated with having a full-time CFO (six-figure salary, payroll taxes, health insurance, worker’s compensation and desk space). We are a highly skilled, fully-functioning team that can manage all the tasks of an in-house finance department. 

We keep a watchful eye on your cash flow, manage your accounts receivable and accounts payable, record and categorize expenses, reconcile bank & credit card activity, prepare artist statements, facilitate payroll, liaise between you and your CPA to manage quarterly tax planning, and review your business insurance and worker’s compensation policies to ensure that your coverage is sufficient. 

Not only do we ensure that your day-to-day business operations are handled meticulously so that the business can run smoothly and efficiently, we also provide top-level financial analysis. We keep your records up to date and accurate so that each month we can prepare management reports for your review (P&L, cash flow, balance sheets) enabling you to evaluate trends in your business performance and set goals for the company.