The ARTIST Package

The ARTIST Package:  $700-$1800/mth
> Artists Statement Management
> Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation
> Accounts Receivable & Payables Management
> Business Insurance Review

The ARTIST Package is best-suited to individuals (photographers, stylists, designers). 
Let us handle those tedious but essential day-to-day tasks of business operations so that you can focus solely on growing the business and doing the work you love. This package includes basic set up for chart of accounts, expense categories, invoices, bill payments and memorized transactions. 

We keep a watchful eye on your cash flow, make sure your bills are paid, record and categorize expenses, reconcile your bank & credit card activity and liaise with your agency to tie out artist statements so that at any given time you know your precise income, AR status, cost of goods sold and business expenditures. We can also review your business insurance and worker’s compensation policies to ensure that your coverage is sufficient.
Our services extend far beyond traditional bookkeeping and accounting — we also provide meticulous financial analysis of your business. We evaluate trends in your business performance, forecast budgets and prepare and review financial statements with you so that you are able to make informed decisions about how to run your business and set goals for the future.

We ensure that your records are kept up to date and accurate so that at the end of the year when we liaise with your CPA to prepare taxes there are no surprises.